We help our clients make informed decisions on their telecommunications network and services.

Based on what their needs and requirements are, we help them decide what cost cutting measures are appropriate through AUDITING, technology enhancements are needed through CONSULTING and implementation strategies are needed through PROJECT MANAGEMENT.

Benefits of Telecom Cost Auditing

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We Provide the Following Services


Our proprietary process by which we inventory a client’s existing services, identify needs and then make recommendations on where costs can be optimized. Our objective is to reduce the client’s expenses so that they are not under-utilizing or over-utilizing services. Both extremes lead to poor network performance and poor cost performance (value).


Consulting takes auditing two steps further and suggests changes to increase business performance. Auditing is a process done for the costs of yesterday and today. Consulting helps our clients with tomorrow. How can their business grow? How can they increase productivity, reduce costs, and increase profitability?

Project Management

Project Management utilizes our expertise to implement the systems you have decided to use. Now that you know what you want, let us help you get it installed and configured correctly the first time.

Performance Based Fee Schedule

There is no charge for our service unless we reduce your costs or recover credits.

Today there is so much more to the Telecommunications Industry.

Invoicing, solutions and implementation have all drastically changed.

Bills are more cryptic and complex than ever.

  • How can you really know that what you are paying for is valid? We are specialists in deciphering the codes and terminology to help you understand what you are spending and why.
  • We help you determine what you need, do not need, never ordered, canceled, never used and negotiate credits for billing errors.
  • With potentially hundreds of solutions available we help you determine which is best for you.
  • Don't have the experienced resources or time to implement the systems you need? We can help.